#SheDoes Warriors at the City of LA Budget Meeting (April 27th)

#SheDoes Warriors!
This Friday, the 27th of April at 1.00pm, the City Council of LA will be considering Mayor Garcetti’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year starting June 1st.

WE NEED YOU THERE to demand that of the proposed 15 shelters in the budget:

1. City Council supports to establish a shelter in all 15 districts
2. City Council designates six of those shelters exclusively for women
3. And that five of the six shelters be designated as “Need Focused Shelters” for the following needs:

(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Women over 62
(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Working women
(x1) Shelter; exclusively for Women with kids
(x2) Shelters; exclusively for Domestic Violence victims

We NEED you to come and speak for the homeless women of LA!

#SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection!

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#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil for 78 Year-old Woman (April 4th)

#SheDoes Movement & Homeless Advocates will hold a candle light vigil at 101 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, the location where the 78 year old woman was found dead this morning. According to the authorities, the woman was found in front of the LAPD Headquarters at 9am and her death is under investigation.

Homeless women are a higher risk of violent crimes against them. Many of our homeless are seniors, they face life and death conditions living in the streets. We must demand that our city officials act immediately to protect those at high risk by opening much needed shelters.

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#SheDoes Campout by LA City Hall for our Homeless Women (April 14-15th)

#SheDoes Warriors! We will be camping out on the sidewalk outside LA City Hall (200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) on Saturday night, April 14th from 7.00pm until 6.00am Sunday morning April 15th. We will be camping out in solidarity with the thousands of homeless women who are forced to sleep outside due to the severe lack of shelters in Los Angeles.

We are demanding that Mayor Garcetti and the City Council of LA appropriate $20 million in the discretionary budget towards sheltering 1000 women by August 2018. We must have this action as the City budget will be voted on Friday, April 20th, 2018. We are also demanding that the Mayor and City Council promise to take immediate action to secure a minimum of 8 separate location to accommodate shelters for 1000 women.

We welcome all citizens of Los Angeles to join us in this action of justice towards securing the shelter and protection of our homeless women of Los Angeles! #SheDoes – #SheDoes Deserve Shelter & Protection.

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#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil for the Homeless Family of Four (March 17th)

Yes, we know this didn’t happen in the City of LA, nor did it happen in the County of LA, but this is way too close to home. Tonight we’re holding a candlelight vigil for this homeless family of four who died in their van in Garden Grove at 7.00pm. Deaths that could easily have avoided. This may have been in Orange County but their blood is in all our hands. Our refusal to do better by our homeless in LA gave an excuse for Orange County to ignore their homeless. Not anymore. Whatever it takes we need to protect our homeless brothers and sisters. And we’re going to start by sheltering a 1000 of our homeless mothers, sisters and daughters by this August.

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