#SheDoes Candlelight Vigil in support of Bridge Housing in Sherman Oaks (October 2nd)

On Thursday at a Homelessness forum, certain residents of Sherman Oaks berated councilmember David Ryu and other service staff that they wouldn’t allow a shelter in their neighborhood. At a time when we are in a full blown homelessness crisis, at a time where housing is increasingly becoming unaffordable, we all have to sacrifice. And that includes Sherman Oaks, Venice, Koreatown and every other neighborhood in Los Angeles. We will hold a Candlelight vigil in support of a Bridge Housing Facility in Sherman Oaks as well as to remind the people of Sherman Oaks that housed or not the people on our streets still have rights!

Join us at 8.00pm on the corner of Sepulveda and Ventura on Tuesday the 2nd of October. Please bring a candle with you.

Thank you,
The #SheDoes Movement

Join us on October 2nd: View Event

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